6 Reasons Why Your Union Needs Official Email Addresses

Many unions, especially smaller ones, do not set up official union email addresses with their domain name for their staff or leadership (e.g. your_name@ ABCLocal123.com). Instead, they use a personal email addresses or an address given to them by their Internet provider for official union business. Unfortunately, that's not a very good idea. Here's six reasons why your union should set up official union email addresses:

1) Having an official email address is more professional. You and your union will be taken more seriously if you do.

2) An official, union email address is permanent. This is not the case with private email addresses. For example, let's say you have an email address @charter.net. If you cancel that service and switch to Comcast, or the company changes its name, you now have to go through the hassle of letting everyone know your new email address for union business. Similarly, if you were using a Yahoo account and decide to start using Google's G-Mail service, you will have the same problem.

But with an official union address, the problem goes away. You can use the address with any service you please.

3) If you forward all your email email addresses to a single account, it's much easier to set up filters to separate out union business from personal business. You can have all the email that goes to your union account go to one inbox separate from your other email.

4) When there is a turnover in leadership or staff, you will not miss emails intended for the union. For example, if you set up a president@ ABCLocal123.com and SecTreas@ ABCLocal123.com, these addresses can be turned over to the next set of leaders. Or, if a volunteer or staffer leaves, you'll still receive email intended for them after they're gone and forward them automatically to another account.

5) You can set up special purpose email addresses easily. For example, you can have info@, website@, and organizing@ addresses that get forwarded to the appropriate volunteers and staff within your organization. You can just as easily shut them down when they are no longer needed.

6) You can monitor email coming in through your own domain. Though we recommend using this ability sparingly and only with the knowledge of your staff, sometimes it's necessary to look back at older emails for a record of what was communicated.

LaborMail, a service of Prometheus Labor Communications, can provide your with reliable, affordable and unionized email hosting. Call us at 888-572-1301 or use our form to contact us.

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