About Union Review

Union Review is an interactive publication of labor-related news and views.

The Union Review mission is to provide an online venue to share labor
related news and opinions. The primary goal includes creating a forum
for both rank-and-file and non-union workers where they can openly
speak out about their work, struggles, and ideas in an effort to build
a stronger union movement.


  • The Union Review focus is on the labor/union movement in the United States. While there are many venues for news and views on the international struggle, Union Review gets the majority of that news from www.Labourstart.org.
  • Union Review is wholly-owned and run by Richard Negri (me). When the site was started I worked as a freelance writer, web consultant for unions and rank-and-file members, as well as a union activist. 

         Others have donated time, skills, and obvously stories in building this web presence; but the site and Richard Negri (me) are working solely independent of any one organization.

  • Advertising and donations to the site are accepted, however, neither can - or will sway the tone of the articles and comments posted to this site.
  • Union Review is totally independent. Its content and motivation are not driven by any one particular international or local union. Its sole motivation is to build a stronger labor movement in the United States by way of disseminating news and views of the labor movement in an effort to host dialogue and to cross-communicate with one another. In addition, not every article or comment posted to Union Review identically reflects the views of Richard Negri; in-fact, differing views and debate are welcomed.
  • In-fighting: Union Review or Richard Negri has no desire to promote, write about or report any in-fighting in the union movement. The site refuses to publish or comment on articles about a union's internal fight as that is information that appears to not further the goal of a united union force.


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