Labor Day 2013

In theory, today folks will take a minute to reflect on the fact that it is with our blood, sweat and tears, our intelligence, and our dedication to justice and fairness that this country moves forward as it does each day. Our working lives are so intensely woven into the fabric of American life that for many of us, we are taken advantage of, ignored, and frequently just taken for granted. Today we’re not ignored, but instead are toasted with a raised glass for a job well done.

And yet as we chill out a little today, we must not lose sight of the fact that our struggle continues, and will do so in a fierce and organized way.

This past week, thousands of fast food workers struck against the intimidation and force of their management. Truckers at the Los Angeles port did the same

As that was making national news, I was personally honored to be with more 10 healthcare workers at an OSHA hearing where we discussed the imminent hazards we face each day on the job, and the need for a change

A recent EPI report highlighted the fact that one percent of the US population holds 35 percent of its wealth. The top 10 percent receive 45 percent of the income and the 90 percent split up the other 55 percent

Clearly you see that have so much work to do.

We cannot allow the National Labor Relations Board to get crippled, make the Occupational Safety and Health Administration lame with bottlenecking regulation, or even allow a president most of labor put in power get spineless around promises and insinuations of “getting it done.” “Yes we can” vs. “no, we can’t” will only ever occur with a splintered movement unable to hold our elected officials accountable.

We have a lot to do and must all link arms in solidarity to get it done.

So rest up, sisters and brothers … rest up, raise a glass, enjoy family and friends, make a call to those far off who you’d been looking to find the time to make, do something good for yourselves and your families … do what you need to today because tomorrow, we need to be fueled up, focused, and ready to kick some butt.

We have a lot to do, and together we can.


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