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Journalist Mike Elk with Prometheus owner Steve Dondley.
Journalist Mike Elk with Prometheus owner Steve Dondley.

Quick! Name a unionized email hosting service.

Stumped, right?

Well, we have good news for you. Now your union can have its email delivered with servers owned and operated by a union shop. It’s called LaborMail. It’s a service of Prometheus Labor Communications, whose workers are members of UE Local 274. Even company owner, Steve Dondley, is a dues paying member of OPEIU Local 6.

Now, don’t feel obligated to use LaborMail just because we’re union. We want you to choose us because we can offer you personalized, top-shelf service that’s both affordable and reliable—the kind of service we’ve been delivering to our clients for seven years.

On top of all that, LaborMail is the only service out there that gives back to the labor movement. A whopping 25% of all the revenue (that’s right, not profit, but total revenue!) we take in through our service goes directly into the pocket of labor journalists to underwrite their work.

Last month, we were pleased to award our first payout to In These Times staff writer Mike Elk. Mike is a labor reporter and regular contributor to the labor blog Working In These Times, part of the In These Times magazine.  Some of the stories Mike covered this month included union-busting at Cablevision in New York, labor’s response to President Obama’s minimum wage proposal, and Comcast opposition to paid sick day legislation in Philadelphia. Unfortunately, while Mike used to be a full time staff writer for In These Times, his salary was cut after a foundation grant was suddenly pulled from the magazine - the same week his groundbreaking investigation on employers coercing their employees to vote GOP was cited on the front page of the New York Times

“Providing reporting on issues affecting working folks takes a lot of time and money”, says Mike. "Unfortunately, there's as many pink slips going around for labor reporters as there are working folks. That's why LaborMail's underwriting program for labor journalism is so important. It's going to help me cover the stories most in the media don't care about and I can't thank Prometheus enough for starting this program."

While Mike won't violate editorial independence by guaranteeing that he will write a story favorable to your union if you sign up for LaborMail, he will promise to buy you a beer if you are ever in DC. 

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