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Why Immigration Is a Top Priority for US Labor

Maria Elena Durazo speaks during the Action Summit on Worker Safety and Health at East Los Angeles College, April 26, 2012. (Photo: Susan Goldman / US Department of Labor)

Amy Dean's interview with Maria Elena Durazo, Executive Secretary-Treasurer of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO, about organized labor's push for comprehensive immigration reform.  This piece is cross posted from Truthout.  

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Why Immigration Is a Top Priority for US Labor

Join the million against Mitch

Berry Craig writes about a retired Kentucky steelworker's efforts in opposition to Senator Minority Leader Mitch McConnell's reelection next year.  "Few senators are more anti-union than McConnell," writes Craig, "whose AFL-CIO COPE [Committee on Political Education] score for 2012 was zero."

Do You Give As Much Thought to Restaurant Workers as You Do to Your Organic Chicken?

ROC-United has brought together 10,000 restaurant workers into an advocacy organization devoted to improving wages and working conditions.  Amy B. Dean spoke with ROC-United's co-founder and co-director, Saru Jayaraman, about how it has been able to use its status as an advocacy organization to develop fresh approaches to defending workers' rights and building community alliances.  This piece is cross-posted from Truthout.  


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Do You Give As Much Thought to Restaurant Workers as You Do to Your Organic Chicken?

"This is not just a Steelworker issue"

Berry Craig writes in this piece about a petition ("Keep companies from escaping contractual obligations during bankruptcy precedings") to the Obama administration that union members and supporters should sign.

“Just Cause”: Isn’t it time for all workers to have some job security?

Rand Wilson writes in this piece -- cross-posted from The Stansbury Forum -- that we are long overdue for a campaign to win "Just Cause" standards into state laws.  "The United States is alone among industrialized countries in allowing at-will employees to be terminated for arbitrary reasons," he writes.  "Just cause appeals to basic fairness, just as due process does in court."

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“Just Cause”: Isn’t it time for all workers to have some job security?

"You can lean on the IBEW"

Berry Craig shares his piece about the recent holiday food drive for needy families organized by apprentices at IBEW Local 816.  "We are in this for the community," says training director Jimmy Evans, "for everybody."

As New Jobs Return, Employers Slash Wages

Sy Slavin, Director of the Kentucky Labor Institute, writes in this piece about the fact that "low wage jobs now constitute 58% of all job growth. The jobs with the fastest growth were retail sales at a median wage of $10.97 per hour. At this salary, workers would be eligible for food stamps."

"Walmart is not a feudal manor"

Berry Craig shares with us the experiences of James and Trina Vetato, Rick Thompson, and Amber Frazee who, along with other members and supporters of Organization United For Respect at Walmart, struck and walked picket lines at stores in a reported 100 cities and towns in 46 states on Thanksgiving night and on Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year.



Department of Labor's Hurricane Recovery Assistance

The East Village of Manhattan, a few blocks from where I lived.

 The Department of Labor website is not one we'd generally think to go to get Hurricane Relief information. I wandered to the DOL's site for a completely different reason when I found this very comprehensive and potentially very useful information. With the amount of family, friends, colleagues and union sisters and brothers in NYC, I decided to just cut and paste the whole page to UnionReview with the hope of spreading this out. 

Vote as Though Our Lives Depended On It!

I wrote most of this article for a newsletter I help write for the members of my Union. I went and changed it around a little here and there to bring to UnionReview because I truly think that, as we get out the vote, we must be very mindful of our health and safety, our wellness and that of our family with this vote. Point being that if we lose the current administration's cabinet, our lives at work could potentially get exponentially more difficult. Working safe and working smart is one thing, but an anti-worker OSHA is as senseless as it sounds. Trust me though, it could happen. 

Unions and Allies File Ethics Complaint Against Romney

Nothing like a presidential candidate flip flopping on the ethics scale this late in the game. But alas, tomorrow - Thursday, 11/1/12 - there will be a press conference about Gov. Romney's apparent conflict of interest with his investments, and most notably, his profitting from the auto bailout he just hates so much! Ooopsie.

Bluegrass State Steelworker stumps for Obama 'at ground zero'

Berry Craig shares the story of Chris Ormes, a steelworker from Kentucky, who is campaigning in Ohio for President Obama's re-election.

Support Car Wash Workers This Weekend

Are you in New York?  If so, you can show the owner of Hi Tek Car Wash that customers and community members support a unionized car wash and want a fair contract for its workers -- the first car wash workers in the city to join a union.  The next step is for the workers to win a strong union contract and you can help.

Santa Barbara News-Press sanctioned for bargaining in bad faith

Over a year ago, the National Labor Relations Board ruled the publisher fired News-Press Teamster journalists because of their union activity. The NLRB ordered the News-Press to offer eight employees their jobs back, rescind poor evaluations of four union supporters and revoke suspension notices for 11 others. The publisher was also ordered to give back pay to all the employees it had harmed.

That didn't stop union busting at the News-Press. And once again, the News-Press publisher -- Ampersand Publishing, LLC -- didn't get away with it.

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Santa Barbara News-Press sanctioned for bargaining in bad faith

Talking union the 'Edge'

In his latest contribution to Union Review, Berry Craig profiles Charles Showalter's "The Union Edge—Labor’s Talk Radio" show.

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