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An Online Discussion on Mexican Trucks and Mary Peters, the DOT Secretary

An online discussion about Mexican Trucks and Mary Peters got me a little heated this morning. I was annoyed because something that was told to someone else about this stuff is simply not true. I decided to write some more on the issue and chose to share it all here at Union Review. My goal is to give people writing about this on their own blogs or MYSPACE pages as much information as possible. I hope it helps.

PATCO Convention / Reunion 2008

PATCO Convention 2008
PATCO convention 2008......Tunica, MS

Original story:
PATCO Convention

NC: The Human Cost of the poultry Industry by The Charlotte observer

The Charlotte Observer Has produced an unreal look into the dark side of todays meatpacking industry, with an investigative story entitled The Cruelest Cuts: The human cost of bringing poultry to your table. I
urge all of our readers to check it out, according to their plants
records they are safer than a toy store, can you imagine that?

to me they probably have an tremendous illegal alien workforce,
injuries occur, but don't get reported for fear of employer
retaliation. God forbid they try to unionize, ICE will storm in and
raid the place. Big props to the investigative writers at the Charlotte
Observer, I can wait to read the entire work.

Updated: 5 dead, 3 more missing at Ga. sugar refinery, sign the petition to stop this from happening again

From The Weekly Toll WebBlog, please go there and sign the petition at the top of their page called : Give Us Combustible Dust Standards - Stop The Insanity

ICE Raids California Company Taking 120 Workers Into Custody, but not the Company

Will there ever be any accountability to the employers of workers who are hired without having citizenship? Will there ever be a story in the mainstream media stream that says "While the workers are being deported to their parent country, the owners of XYZ. Inc were fined $X and sent to jail for X years?"

While I am not holding my breath ...it is time accountability for lawlessness was equally distributed.

NY: Already facing 2 years in jail, sweatshop construction contractor arrested again.

Intra agency communication helps to arrest sweatshop construction contractor who's already facing 21-27 months in jail for Tax Evasion. This time he allegedly defrauded Workers Compensation. Now facing up to 4 more years.

Gary Woltmann, the president of Woltmann Associates, who previously pleaded guilty to 20 counts of Tax Evasion while employing undocumented workers off-the-books has been arrested again. This time for 2 counts of felonious Workers' Compensation fraud.


ALSO, DON'T  FORGET TO CHECK OUT www.nyscarpenters.com

Original story:
NY: Contractor Convicted - Paying Immigrant Carpenters Off The Books

Building Bridges Radio: Fighting Recession and Katrina's Winds of Disaster

Building Bridges: Your Community and Labor Report
National Edition
Produced by Ken Nash and Mimi Rosenberg

A Round Up of Issues Surrounding the Fire Mary Peters Campaign

Today I started the day with the Teamsters in Washington, D.C. We set out to the Navy Yard Metro Station across the street from the Department of Transportation. Our work this morning (starting at 7) was to pass out cards announcing the Teamster-built Fire Mary Peters website. This entry is a brief round-up on this situation for those that might be joining us on this campaign for the first time!

Good Morning DOT Workers, Let's Fire Your Boss!

The Teamsters Union responded to DOT Secretary Mary Peters' blatant breaking of the law with a new website called Firemarypeters.com. In an effort to tell folks about the site, some 12 Teamsters handed out postcards to DOT workers arriving to work between 7 and 9 this morning; I was one of them.

Teamsters Launch Website to Fire Department of Transportation Secretary Mary Peters


Transportation Secretary Mary Peters is the latest member of the Bush administration to break the law: She continues to give dangerous Mexican trucks access to our highways despite overwhelmingly bipartisan measures passed by Congress and signed by President Bush.

What would happen if you broke the law, or violated company policy? You'd be fired! So should Peters. Today the International Brotherhood of Teamsters launched a website on this campaign to get this lawbreaker sacked and began distributing the following press release (below). When you can, please come by www.firemarypeters.com to learn up on this campaign, where you can grab a button for your own blogs and websites.

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Union Busting at Disney?

A member of spfpalocal603.org wrote me (and a few others) with information about what appears to a nasty union busting bout over at Disney World in Florida.  I am publishing the entirity of his note but I am not adding his name since I did not permission to do that, yet.


NY: Waldbaum's and A&P screwing 400 local employees and moving to nonunion facilities out of state.

Great Atlantic & Pacific takes our money, then turns it's back on NY workers.

* With annual sales of $9.4 billion, Great Atlantic & Pacific operates 456 stores under the A&P, Waldbaum's, A&P Super Foodmart, The Food Emporium, Super Fresh, Pathmark and Food Basics banners.

*The facility, which initially operated decades ago as a Waldbaum's warehouse, employs approximately 400 people, said Kevin McCaffrey, president of Teamsters Local 707, which represents 220 warehouse workers. Another 90 unionized workers, including truck drivers, and about 80 non-union management and support staff also will be affected, he said. (*from Newsday)

They have plenty of stores here in the NY metro area, they like to take our hard earned, but they don't want us to have good jobs. Now they are moving their final Metro area warehouse to a nonunion operation out-of the area.

NY: Tougher rules on High-Rise construction, 78% of fatalities by nonunion contractors

"78 percent of the worker fatalities each year between October 2004 and September 2007 were on projects built by nonunion contractors"

Article in tomorrows New York Times, whose last line is the above statement. It's definitely a step in the right direction, heres an excerpt:

The city’s Buildings Department, moving to shore up safety on construction sites after a worker fell 42 stories to his death last month, proposed new regulations on Monday that would require general contractors and concrete operators to register with the city. The regulations, which administration officials have begun developing with the City Council, would also require special safety managers at more construction sites as well as specifically for concrete.

Online Labor Activism Works, 3 global victories thanks to people who helped support Eric Lee's Labourstart E-Activist campaign's

Eric Lee's Labourstart is the world premiere news source for international Labor headlines, his news feeds are found on news, labor and social injustice sites around the globe. Just adding a pertinent link to Labourstart helps spread information, information which is usually ignored by the main stream media. After reading some global campaigns, you can see how much we have in common with the struggling working man around globe. Nowadays when all the corporations are going with the lowest bidders in the cheapest nations, it's even more important that we all get involved in making it better for those people. Think of it as a hand up which can help ourselves too, eventually the price to relocate will be nullified if the demand by the workforce makes steady gains.

Eric also makes it his personal business to get us involved in the global movement by sending out correspondence explaining the situations and asking us to take further action via E-Activist e-mail campaigns and by getting the word out. I took one of his campaigns to heart, the Russian Ford strike. The greatest strike in Russia since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Through the ups and downs of their picket, Labourstart followed the story, with some very reminiscent factors such as an anti-union police force and government getting involved. Ford has since met the majority of the workers demands. This also comes on the heals of another win from Eric, getting Blackadder, the Union Organizer back onto Facebook. You can and should join Eric's e-mail list. We do make a difference.

Check inside this story to read the E-Mail I received from him today

Writers and Producers may be coming close to agreement

From: Times Colonists

Tired of reruns? The TV season may be about to be rebooted.

Striking writers have reached a preliminary agreement with the major film studios and U.S. broadcast networks, several Los Angeles area media outlets reported over the weekend.

There has been no official announcement. Both sides have imposed a media blackout.

Several Los Angeles area radio stations reported a breakthrough in the negotiations late Saturday night, however. The Los Angeles Times reported in its Sunday editions that a deal is all but done, and an agreement could be signed as early as this Friday.

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